The Spine

The Backbone of the Hypercastle


Welcome to this unofficial, community-grown project depicting the Spine pieces from the "Terraforms by Mathcastles" collection.

The Spines are the central four plots on each of the 20 levels of the Hypercastle.  So far, 68 out of the 80 total Spines have been minted and for each of these you can see the collector who holds that parcel, a live view of the animated 2D Terraform and a link to view it on Terraform Explorer. If the parcel is one of the 12 Spines which have not yet been minted, you will see a visualization of how it should look based on the contract data.

Navigation Keys

Fly around the Hypercastle using the traditional WASD keys, plus R to move Up and F to move Down.

As your vertical position changes, the levels will separate to allow best view of whichever one you are viewing.  Click and drag the mouse to change your viewing angle.

Alternatively, once you have logged in, you can click on the levels shown within the panel on the right of the display, and then select from any of the four Spine pieces on that level. You will automatically be moved to the optimal place from which to view your chosen Level (so if you get lost flying around, just click any Level and be returned to a good location).

Community Art Collection

The second part of this project is to host a collection of artwork uploaded by the community. You can submit an artwork for any of the 80 Spine slots which you feel is noteworthy and appropriate for that slot. Please give consideration to the size of the Level (i.e. Levels 13 and 14 can accommodate the largest artworks whereas Levels 1 and 20 are very small), and also the usual Zone colors for that level.

At this stage, anybody in the Mathscastles Discord who logs in via Discord can upload artwork and can also choose which artwork to display on each parcel out of all of the community uploaded suggestions.   This means that all identified users have an individual version of the Hypercastle gallery that will be remembered each time they log in using Discord.

For those who choose to log in as a guest, their Hypercastle will always display the latest uploaded artwork for every Spine parcel and they cannot upload any art while logged in as a guest, but can still view the Spine information.

At a later time, the owner of each Spine parcel will be able to choose which artwork will officially be chosen for their piece, and we may mint or produce a definitive art collection from time to time which hopefully will contain pieces that are meaningful and appealing to the community.

Final Notes

Please be aware that there is not significant gatekeeping of uploaded artwork, so we are relying on the community to refrain from uploading anything that is likely to offend or prove distasteful to other members.  Please only continue visiting this site if you accept that you may be subjected to seeing anything that other community members upload.

The images are being served from a non-commercial server in Australia so apologies if the performance is sub-optimal in your area - please ask in the Discord or DM @PlayPeng909 if you have any issues.

Any and all ideas, suggestions and criticisms are welcomed to further develop this project.